Sunday, June 24, 2007

dream journey- 1

i stare at the photo thinking how it will be if the person comes face to face. i stare at it admiring the twinkle in the lucid eyes, the soft texture of the fair skin, the curve of the eyebrow. i am mesmerised by that boyish grin having a hint of mischief .the soft bristle of the 2 day old beard kindles few thoughts in my mind. i wish to go on a long drive with this person .i wish to sit on the sands watching the waves roll back and forth.i wish to see the sunrise on the terrace feeling a moment of absolute bliss with the person whom i cherish and absolutely worship.many more scenes are etched for eternity in my mind and i would cherish them as long as i live .the warmth of the intimate hug and that long soul searching look which gives me this feeling that i afterall, have one person whom i can depend upon and its seriously rare when a person feels secure and i guess i am secure!i can very easily imagine the breeze whizzling in my ears and the sun winking at me from the horizon. i have always wanted to convey few thoughts to him but whenever i see him, i cant find my voice. yes, its the same old eyes which makes me tongue tied and send butterflies flying in my stomach.the very presence sends shivers down my spine and makes me feel like there can be nothing better than this. the voice flows like honey in my ears and i guess it can never be better than this. i stare , stare and stare back at the photo . yes, it makes me very happy to see that smile, those eyes which are never short of twinkle. that crooked smile which makes me go weak in the knees. what can i do to come out of this?.i am sitting on the beach waiting for that hand to embrace me. i am waiting...

Friday, June 15, 2007

the real IT world....

i am currently in wipro sholinganalur.. blogging this post from here..i have come here to undergo inplant training.. and guess what am doing.. sleeping and passing time.. big time vetti..eating in the cafeteria and sleeping in my bay.. the computer has proxy setting and is not allowin me to access any site..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the final moments of nostalgia

today, the batch of students who have just now passed out of this institution(read concentration camp) had come to the college for some stupid reason of theirs.i could see from the way they looked at us that they longed to be a part of the college till eternity... the clandestine lovers looked at the various nooks and corners of the imposing structure with a longing , the way we cherish certain photos of our own tumultous childhood.the pundits look at the first benches of the classes thorugh which they would have progressed in the due course of 4 years, the wood bearing a faded look .likewise, everybody had a reason to look at the various aspects of their cherished college years. wanna know what i might look at when i come to get the so called TCCC( or is it spelled otherwise, am not too sure on this)?..
1) the corner before my classroom where i used to stand and press my ears to the wall in order to figure out which teacher is supossedly teaching in my class..
2)the last bench of my class where i never got to sit.
3) the fan in my second year classroom where i had once sworn that i would hang my class teacher ( actaully, its not late now.. i have still got 2 more on second thoughts, i guess i would currently prefer to hang my HOD rather than my class teacher.
4)the canteen where i got first hand experience on how your food will taste if it had bees, flies, one dirty hand to kneed the dough and pot pourri of other such nauseating things.
5) the drainage opposite coffee shop where we used to sit pretty often and not even on a single day, have we got a
6) the various peanut brained teachers of my department who thought that speaking in englipis was a sin and tried to repremand us .
7) the sir who used to give the kangaroo a run for its jumping skills( find out who ths character is!!) who was incharge of our communication skills lab( oh yeah, i did learn quite a bit of words like using ok before, after and in the middle of every sentence and the art of conversing with so much of confidence).
8) one gentleman in this jungle is my math sir and i wont see him with a joyful heart because he has tried each and every sem to motivate me and i personally feel that i ahve failed him each and every sem.
9) now this 9th reason i feel should be given to the civil HOD for obvious reasons( yeah, i was one of the lot who used to get the OD get signed by none other than the great!!)
10) i am running out of reasons and i guess i would finally say that , may be i wont even come to get it personally .. after all, these wreent the best part of my life!!!