Thursday, January 29, 2009

soul stirring

following is the list of my all time favourites which i felt should definitely be mentioned over here

1)one of my personal favourites in the melody section is the song"yamunai aatrile" from thalapathy. what a woman! shobhana looks absolutely gorgeous and the song is so so nice. i like the lighting also in that song.the sunset fits in perfectly

2)netru illatha madham from pudhu mugam reason: the high pitch and the lyrics esp lines like" gangai neerun suvai kadhalum serum varai kavidhai variyun suvai artham puriyum varai " these might look simple yet make sense.

3) another song from the same movie is kannuku mai azhagu. i prefer the male version better .

4) pogathe song from deepavali under yuvan's composition

5) athangara maname song though am still not sure which movie this one was featured in but i seriously like mano's energy in this duet.

6) if english was considered then the " its only words" by the now nonexistent boyzone can be included.

7)pudhu velai mazhai from roja. i like the picturisation too :P

the list goes on but these are the few which came to my mind now .feel free to add more :D

crazy life

final year project!!! these words might send a chill acroos many a spine but it seems to have absolutely no effect on this angelic devil! damn arrogant statement, i know! i have finally understood how a s/w employee goes about his work- clocking in nine and half hrs of work everyday,morning and evening one mug of tea,browsing through all the websites which dnt get blocked,realising that he has few tasks to be completed at 4 in the evening and staying at office till 9 (psst: we being gals.. dunno abt the guys though) .well, these are all few excerpts from my life in visteon... and i hope the list continues in the next post ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

welcomin yet another yr

finally i have grown up!! this year i decided i am not going to make any resolution as making is tough and sticking to them is tougher. i myself have got bored of forever wishing that my room should be clean enough,blah blah.. i guess this is what they call with age comes wisdom.. lol!but still i had a blast !! and started it off with a whacky thing. i am not gonna promise the whole world that i will henceforth take bloggin seriousl as ths is the nth time i am tellin that to myself.. happy new yr guys!!