Sunday, May 24, 2009

one mistake of my life

everybody commits mistakes..the gravity of the situation depends on how many years you sit and repent for it. i have committed few knowingly and others attached to a single one came and stuck me like a boomerang... one thing led to another and in the end, to cover up a single mistake i ended up in deep shit..some of my mistakes have been done with too much of foresight and hindsight probings.. i ended up eating my own words. one such thing is joining an engineering college. there is this illusion in any twelfth grade student that an engineering degree is far better than an arts and science(no offence at arts and science).. i too had this problem.. after four years, i feel it is the same shit or sometimes i feel arts would have been a better option.. another realisation was that no matter which college which you study in, its all the same last minute studies before the sems and anna university is one of the biggest hypocritic university i have ever seen. not only does it spoon feed its own students,it screws up the correction of the rest of the colleges and gives rankings based on absolute false be frank, i dont think any sort of knowledge has managed to seep in through my hard skull and thank goodness, none of my sanity slipped the other way too! the reason for this post is that yesterday happened to be my final day in college. i saw groups of people standing here and there lost in feelings and attachment towards the institution..i was as usual in two minds.. whther to stand and act like a hypocrite or just walk off because this is precisely the day i have been wishing for for the last 4 years and there is no point in feeling sad when D-Day finally arrives..after few seconds, i felt ashamed that i even thought of staying back.. lol.. thats how life is. the thing which u hate the most somehow comes back to you at some point of time or the other. never in my wildest dreams had i dreamt of doing my major in electronics when i had left the whole chapter in twelfth jus because i couldnt stand the same.. the only college against which i had reservations for joining in the list of 230 odd colleges, happens to be awarding me the much coveted graduation certificate.i cant make head or tail of accounts and calculas and yet again, these are the ones i am going to be studyin the next two years.. should i say its the irony of life?? forever wishing for the road not taken?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

angel on the prowl

yesterday turned out to be an eventful day.. after a long time actually.. it was my class teacher's reception and that by itself wasnt an interesting affair barring the whistles and hoots which made the gentleman on the stage blush and hide his face(he being the class teacher.. lol).. the journey to that place was totally fun.. foremost it involved a travel by the local electric train or the MRTS as it is called( i guess.. nt sure).getting into the train during the peak hour, fallin either side when it starts to leave the station,giggling and talking loudly as if its my college train,the excitement and the anxiety about not boarding the "first class compartments"..for the first time, i found out yday that it is called 9-car or 8-car and the ladies compartments are at the ends .. anyways, its never too late to learn few things ;) .. adding on to the list, is the ability to stand in a rocking train with a 2 inch heels.. from pallavaram(that was wher the reception was happenning), we took an auto.. this part wasnt all that exciting except our talk with the automan on the price rise issue.. he was grumbling about tea being sold at rs.4!! and we asked him about the cost of the vada and how many vadas does he eat??well, we always ask too many questions outside the class!! the return journey was the one which was truly memorable.. i have never ever been at such a distant place at 9'45 in the night.. never have purposely got wet in the rain at a station, stood shivering in the dark(there was a power cut) waiting for the train to arrive..and driving in the rain at10'30.. absolutely heavenly..on the whole, it was a nice time with friends and the public transport system.. i know regular commuters must be cursing me saying it isnt all that fun when u have to travel everyday.. who cares? i enjoyed it!
PS: the food was pathetic there.. i jus had 2 ice creams for dinner :(

Friday, May 15, 2009

accidental blogger

what started out as a boring time-pass or as a means for practising writing skills for my english paper(LOL) has moulded and changed its form appreciably! i am not a frequent blogger.. am far from active in this blogging circle.i write nonsense for fun and i unload my miseries because i get the satisfaction.i dont write posts hoping for few comments in the comments section.i write when i feel like it and this gives me even more pleasure because i am in control of what i do.. as simple as that.. the reason why i decided to pen this post is as simple as what i have been tellin from the starting.. i wanted a post so i am scribbling!! dont u think u shud vote for this post being the most scribbled one ?? :P