Monday, August 11, 2008


first year - five hours of orkut everday with a minimum of 100 scraps and heated discussion on where to explore regarding food after college
final year - five minutes of orkut(contemplating on deleting that account) and places.. no discussion.. no place in the near by area has been left unvisited
first year - couldnt wait for the clock to strike one of clock( the watchman goes to the canteen to have his lunch then) to pick up the bag and run away from the college( litearlly... we used to run past the gate and hop inside an auto)
final year - the count of watchmen have been increased from one to five and its highly impossible to go past all five of them with your bag,etc,etc...
first year - coffee shop!! that one word was enough to get us motivated .. we even used to compare the cold chocolate to the one in ccd.. and all of us used to land up in deep slumber after the tea break( PS: one of my frnd even went to the extent of suspecting drugs in the milkshake)
final year - cold chocolate ah.. no way hot cuppa chai sounds better... so we head to the canteen nowadays!!
first year- the ' GANG' actually ragged a senior jus because he claimed that he possessed the only green colored bike in the college..
final year - the same gang finds none of the junior fit enough to be ragged... lol...
first year- there was no confusion in this.. everybody was senior to us and invariable became" anna" (PS: we werent friendly to a single akka ..)
final year - there is stil no confusion.. everybody is junior to us and not even a single guy to call anna ( PS: we are still not friendly with the junior gals.. something to do with the gal clan i guess)
first year- cried on failing in physics mid sem by a matter of 3 marks
final year- rolled on the floor seeing single digit marks in all 6 subjects( PS: friend of mine reckons that even if i total all the marks, it wudnt cross the pass mark of fifty)
and the list continues........