Tuesday, July 29, 2008


a spark of light draws me to it, i go towards it like a fire fly knowing it is going to cause my own destruction.. i diligently tredge past the uneven stones which seem to make my resolution stronger. twists and turns i took were numerous..i fail to notice the carvings and inscriptions on the walls of the cave,the quick sand which i was getting myself into,the darkness dint intimidate me nor did the stillness of the air .. none of the physical elements seemed have any effect on me and drawn to luminary, i was...one cave led to the other and it seemed like an infinite journey.. at one point, the light seemed to be getting stronger which gave me the urge and will to reach it to satiate my senses and quench the thirst for adventure.. unmindful of the spiders and the other insects whose houses i was destroying by my expedition, i made my slow but steady progress.. more and more, i walked and out of the blue,i noticed a danger sign etched on the wall.. was it an omen or just a figment of my imagination? i wasnt sure but nevertheless, proceeded further as the thrill of the unknown far exceeds the speed of the common sense. next omen or my hallucination was in the form of a spider which remained stuck to my leg.. i convinced myself that according to arabian mythology, spiders are good omen .. i walked.. the air was getting damper and i found myself having difficulty in breathing properly.. the light was finally getting close by.. it was now that a part of my brain realised that i dint know the way back and this created enough trepidation to make my palms sweat.suddenly, i noticed that there were cobwebs on ym leg and there was more than a single spider... i tried my level best to shake them off but in vain.. i looked ahead for a sign of re-assurance that everything was fine and my dream was till there hanging in thin air... the more i tried to shake them off, they multiplied in number..i was stuck to a place now with no hope of going back to my haven ... while i was busy in getting myself freed, i failed to notice the light growing dimmer and dimmer... finally, i looked up... the light was gone.. there i was .. stranded, bewildered and lost...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


following is the ratings for the "must see" spots in namma (A)singara chennai.. feel free to add new spots..
1)sitting in the pavements of bessi in the evening.. preferably with sundal or bajjis...PS:u can even get ur hand read by the gypsies but i guarantee you they lie big time..
2) going on a long drive in the ecr and finally landing up at muthukadu for a ride.. PS: pay the boat guy 50 bucks extra he wud take u near the mouth where the sea meets the backwaters..
3)am not a big fan of mahabs but i guess first timers can appreciate the carvings.. iw ould rather recommend tiger caves which is approx 50 kms from chennai for it serendipity and the caves
4)how can anyone forget namma spencers.. a place where u can easily while away 4-5 hours without even realising it and it is easy on your pockets too!! PS: make sure u r wearing ur shoes.. i normally end up with terrible pain due to my slippers..
5)the small table in the right most corner of citi centre ground floor.. there is nothng special abt this place other than the fact that u can hav an eye on everybody who is walkin in and out and the artificial tree does provide a good cover!!
6)sterling road.. i luv ths road for its trees and nice atmosphere.. it wont cost u a dime to go for a walk in the night or early in the morning...
7)khader nawaz khan road(near ispahani).. this place is only for big shots and the reason why ths place finds a mention in this list is that u get nice exercise for your eyes at any time of teh day( hope u understood wat i meant :P)
8)CIT colony.. this place has got fabulous surroundings and this place holds a special place in my heart as this is where i met with an accident for the first time...( ya , i stil have the mark on ym hand..)
9)ascendas( tidel park).. reason: sheer size! the whole size of the food court( it is known for its football field sized courts) is sure to intimidate you.. you get awesome variety of food...
10)sathyam cinemas- this is one place where i dont mind shelling out 120 or so bucks for a movie cause of its ambience,seats(ya i luv to sleep in them) and the pop corn toppings( heard they hav changed the entry to the theatre.. the entry is now through whites road and the exit through the normal entry way)
PS: this is just a random collection and the serial number does not denote the rating..

Saturday, July 12, 2008


my heart tells me that this is the street where i used to live some ten years ago but my mind tells me an all together different story.. i cant recognise any of the houses and i look about searching for the uncle who used to always wish me good morning early in the morning at 8'30 ( the time when i used to leave home for college) and the other guy who used to tease me for always being on the mobile... i feel like i have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.. everything looks bizarre and i dont have any wish to be in this part of the world... the whole feeling of nostalgia ditched me and in its place, came a new found sense of isolation.. i search desperately for some familiar sign only to be disappointed again... i suddenly noticed that there was a whole new bunkch of kids playing on the streets. atleast my common sense dint ditch me and i hadnt expected the same bunch of kids to be playing gully cricket after ten years..the look of curiosity in thier eyes matched the look of belonging in my eyes.. i yearned to be recognised by someone and this feeling made me want to creep back inside the car taking me back to the place where everybody knew me and somewhere i belonged... i proceeded down the road unabashed by their looks...i saw that in the place of a mango sapling, now stood a mango tree.. this whole new atmosphere lent a feeling of insecurity and claustrophobia.. i did realise everything and everybody have to change in due course of time but least expected everything to happen in a matter of few years.. i curse those many years which kept me away from my people...the whole purpose of journey was to envisage my house- my home where i grew up .. i finally catch a glimpse of a ruined house and in my heart, i send a prayer upwards ,praying it shouldnt be mine... alas, god also chose to desert me at this instant.. i recognised the weathered color n the walls,the ivy which had started growing on the window sill which, had now managed to conquer the whole house,the iron gate which looked like it was about to crumble unable to take in the gravity of the situation,the ledge on which my mum used to dry the curry leaves to make those mouth watering dishes,the moss covered outhouse which used to house the car.. without realising, few tears of anguish escaped my eyes and i suddenly realised what my mum went through when she saw the school in which she had studied some forty years back..my heart couldnt bear the weight of this collosal disappointment... then did i hear a passer-by comment saying "maybe she has come to buy this bhoot-bangala".. i felt like screaming at her back saying this is no such bangala and this has gone through the same events which every other house goes through- children have played in this very verandah,kitchen used to be functioning in fullswing,many people have passed through thi very creeky gate which had guarded a household..the lost glory could no way be told to some ignorant junta.. i close my eyes retrospecting what went wrong and the the picture of the house which i remembered flashed through my mind .. it felt like it was only yesterday when i ahd packed my belongings for relocating to the US...everthing has a life time and this apparently has finished its... i walk back with a heavy heart ,wishing i could stop the passages of time and live forever .. in the present.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

jaane tu - picture perfect

with great difficulty i got the tickets which compelled me in bunking college and catching the matinee show... i felt the movie was running in the same track as kkhh but shifted mid way and got inspired by our own kushi and finally the eneding was flicked from chalte chalte or sachin as they both involved airport scenes... on an optimist note, the movie is worth the money and the songs are awesome.. the picturisation of the first song is good.. genelia has finally cut down on her over pereformance and she is just fine in this movie.. the guy looks like aamir or is made to look like him for popularity is still in ambiguity.. but watever mayb the reason, he looks cute and hope he doesnt turn out to be a one film wonder..certain scenes are a bit obvious and jus as u try to stifle a yawn, it turns out to be good... one serious flaw according to me is that there is no reason why a horse should have a coverage for five whole minutes...arbaaz and sohail( i think.. nt sure which one of the sallu bhais) provided slap stick humour kind and the crown ultimately goes to nazurideen shah .. he manages to steal the show with fifteen minutes max of on screen time.. hats off!!! overall, its a paisa vasool movie.. gals can definitely go for imraan and guys( if u like genelia)....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

pleasures in life( platonic) ;)

inspired by a fellow blogger, i take on this topic with full vigour...
1) racing all the bikes when the signal turns green
2) eating strawberry liip balm when bored!
3) smsing everybody" heh wassup?" jus for the heck of it and nt replying bk for any of the replies.. hee
4)beating my bro in eating road side paani pooris..
5) sight adichifying the quant sir and giggling in class with gal pallies...
6) inspiring other gals also to bunk so that if caught, i wil hav some company :P
7)dreaming of dating brad pitt and hoping of ending up with vadivel.. ha ha!!
8)watching kkhh for the nth time and pretending as if am seeing it for the first time..
9)seeing my name on the notice board for bunking more than ten days..and realising it nly when i was made to stand outside the princi's room for bunking on the eleventh day.. :)
10) stuffing the bag inside the bike and claiming to have come to college at 8 itself to the pt sir!( ya, i do go in the lunch break to retrieve my bag)
11) listening to my mum scream about how i should dress and how i should behave like a girl( ya, it sometimes gets on my nerve)
12) the mere sight of my sem books gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction that i've come to the seventh sem!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


if you try to live like them, you are a copy cat
if you live your own life, you are selfish
if you dont gossip, you are a recluse
if you dont change for them, you have an attitude
if you dont bad mouth about anybody, you become the hottest topic
whatever you do meets with criticism and in the end, you have to just be them to be good or you are forever an outcaste...