Wednesday, April 30, 2008


exams have started and they r seriously drivin me crazy.. all i do nowadays is dusting the books and seeing the syllabus.. if i studied for half the amount of time which i spend in judging the massive syllabus, i wud have finished all five units... anna univ structure sucks big time!! and all the lecturers are such hypocrites that they ask us to read from foreign firangee authors and they actually teach from local authors.. my computer architecture maam even went to the extent of tellin us" amma, all this is not their in your hamachar so take down the notes" and those bloody flow charts were in namma charulatha publication... the very sight of k d prasad gives me undisturbed sleep for min. 5 hours... gawd!!! how will i ever manage??? hail charulatha publication and technical bakshi!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

tagged ;)

well this one is from mutta kannu.. and here it goes.. a sheet outta my personal diary ;)

1) Last movie you saw in a theatre?

i saw this dumb movie yarade nee mohini climax is pathetic..

2) What book are you reading?

currently frederick forsyth's the afghan ....

3) favourite board game?

one thing which is hate to the core is Chess , u need to use too much of ur brain... . Yeah, I love "business"... it gives me cheap thrill in picturising myself as an entrepreneur

4) Favorite magazine?

i dont read that many magazines.. jus those which my mum reads.. filmfare, cineblitz,india today and the week.. ya i dont read tamil ones as i cant read that well though i like to see surya's pics in them.

5) Favorite smells?

* Smell of kerosene,naphthalene balls & petrol

* Smell of davidoff (man, trully heaven!!)

* Smell of my moisturiser..

6) Favorite thing to do in weekend?

Sleeping long,long hours and hanging out at barista juxteposed between my time classes

7) Worst feeling in the world?

* Knowing that you like someone and that person not knwoing about it( yeah.. pheelings!! :( )

* when people scream at you for things for which you were no way responsible for

8)What is the first thing you think of when u wakeup?

Should I really need to go to college today?( ya, am echoing mutta kannu's view here)

9) Favorite fast food place?

i like gangotree as i absolutely go crazy over chaat..

10) Future child’s name?

child ah... grrr i hate children... they are nice to look at when they are someon else's...

11)finish this statement --- 'If I had a lot of money'

i would buy that fourteenth floor apartment on ECR and furnish it with the best antiques( i like interior designing too )

12) Do you drive fast?

Yeah... always... luv the breeze hittin on my face

13) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

lol.. nope.. i sleep with stuffed pillows and over stuffed stomach.. hee

14) Storms -- Cool or Scary?

cool when you are in your bed cuddled up with a cup of hot chocolate.. scary when you have to drive somewhere on the water-logged roads...

15) What was your first car?

i dont personally own a car but i avail the services of my dad's car( :P). the first car as in, which comes to my mind first is BMW

16) Favorite drink?

hot chocolate, coffee,lassi and grape juice.

17) Finish this statement --- If i had the time i would...

go to all the IPL matches and postpone my study hours...

18) Do you eat the stems on broccoli?

I don't eat broccoli itself... i hate it esp. in the chinese cuisine.

19) If you could dye your hair any other color, what would be your choice?

i guess burgundy.. it looks good with my kinda colour..

20) Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in?I

t starts with my favorite place bangalore( because of certain pheelings.. lol),manali( the weather and snow ),kochi( back waters and the scenic beaches),delhi( shopping.. phew!! wil i ever get bored of that), trichy( i like kaveri...) .

21) Favorite sports to watch?

* football

* Formula one

* Tennis( i like andy roddick )

22) One information about the person who sent this to you?

About mutta kannu... he finds marriage scary... am sure u wilk get married in a year or two.. all the besht!!

23) What’s under your bed?

two globus covers and one file

24) Would you like to be born as yourself again?

Of course... i luuuuv myself!!

25) Morning person or night owl?

hundred percent mid night masala creature.. cant wake up early !!!

26) Over easy or sunny side up?


27) Favorite place to relax?

my bed,lying on the water tank in the fourth floor.. i like starin at the sky

28) Favorite pie?

i hate pies.

29) Favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate... butter scotch with nuts and natural orange

30) Of all the people you have tagged, who is the most likely to respond first?

no clue.. i have a feeling who over is most vetti in office will do!

actually am not in a mood to tag someone.. so poyachu ponga!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

gourmet's taste

following are angel's recommendation in various places located in (A)singara chennai..
1) dark temptation(barista)- this is one must have.. warm chocolate cake with cream and vanilla ice cream with dollops of chocolate sauce.
2)chocolate fantasy(ccd)- this one is similar to dark temptation but i feel the qty is lesser in ccd.
3) golden baskets(cascade-chinse restaurant)- this is a veg. starter . its got vegetables stuffed in a fried little basket... tastes really yummy!!
4)strawberry milkshake(gangotree)- this is absolutely so creamy and yummy that its a must have PS- the one in cathedral road is better than the t nagar branch..:p
5)singapore spicy noodles(noodle house)- this is good for a quick bite but i feel i can make the same at home itself...wil post the recipe in another post :)
6) veg. sandwich( the stall outside alsa mall)- this is simply superb because its very much road side kaiyendi bhavan and it tastes so good!!
7)frankies(gopalapuram nilgiri's outlet opp) this is basically a roti with sabji in it.. it costs 35 bucks and fills the stomach immediately!! hee...
8) last but not the least, try to go to nanganallur anjaneya temple in the evening.. u get tasty pongal.. this surely cannot be compared to anything... after all, i am god fearing!!
PS- if you try some of these and dont like it, am not to be blamed!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

metaphorical stance

i got a dream of building a castle with the finest windows, spectacular minarets,ornamental domes and of filling the whole structure with un-conditional love.i searched in vain for the materials and construction site.little did i realise that the perfect site was so near i went to the beach to build the finest castles that the sands have ever seen. fully equipped, i found a spot of wet mud and started building it.. time flew by, birds ceased to chatter,days and nights rolled by in perfect coordination, i went on with my work.. day by day the castle which i had envisioned in my dream came to life in front of my eyes.i could clearly see the niches and the intricately carved protusions. i was flying in a bubble of love. it was everything i could wish for.. i suddenly became conscious of the gentle waves caressing the shore. the thought of destruction of the result of toils loomed large. i felt like lifting my castle and running away with it close to my chest.common sense told me that if the castle was ever to exist, it had to be in that very spot. i was suddenly swept away from my spot of work by strong currents of wind. it lifted me to a considerable height from which i could have a bird's view of my castle and the threat posed by the waves. before my eyes, i could see the first of the so caled gentle waves teasing the boundaries of my castle.i chided myself by saying how can a gentle wave destroy such a mighty castle. so, it went on and it was only when the tenth wave unceremoniously crashed one of my minarets , i fully realised what a "gentle wave" can cause. silent cries of anguish escaped from my mouth, my wails of torment went unheard.. the mere sight of the destruction of the castle from all to nothing was too heavy for my heart to digest....i wished that the waves wouldnt destroy my inner sanctum,again in vain... i saw what i wished not to see and i saw the sands being brought to thier original form of insignificance ... the crowned glory was very short- lived...
i woke up sobbing and rushed to my window to have a glimpse of my "castle".. yes, it was very safe next to my rose bush with even a flower next to one of my minaret. i sighed in sheer happiness.

Monday, April 7, 2008

ritchi street chaos!!

two days back angel was forced into joining her friends at the famous electronic bazaar the "ritchi street". little did she know that it consisted of nearly four streets which housed hundreds of shops . as usual, angel dint know the way to the specific shop and entered the streets correctly in the opposite direction to that of her friends... they dint know where she was and vice versa also proved good. though the angel was dressed decently in a pair of jeans and kurti, all men were goggling at her making her feel even more insecure... the guy at a particular shop directed her the opposite way and little did she realise that her freinds were just hundred metres away from her.. she again trudged her way back and returned to the place where she started initially. mobile was of little help as she coudnt follow the instructions and she was direction-blind!! it all finally ended in a happy note with the angel being re-united with her friends. when they finally landed at the door steps of the shop, the guy told them to come after half hour.. all her efforts were rewarded with an half hour balcony view of the alley beneath(in which one guy was smoking,the other listening to kannale kuttale in his mobile and the third eating bhajjis) seated comfortably on the stool!!