Sunday, September 6, 2009

dream journey- 2

the sun cast a golden glow on the skyline. the clouds were trimmed with golden lace which was shimmering up in the sky. the sun which now has been mellowed down looked down with remorse casting a glow on the dusky skinned mortals.the silky cushions on the balcony appealed to the senses and instigated a breeze of romance. the sky was vivid with hues of orange, chrome and a golden shade of yellow. i looked at his face, the eyebrows highlighted by a beam of the setting sun, the hues reflected in the mischievous eyes holding promise for something exotic to come in the future. one side of the face soaked in the warmth of the sun while the other one sprinkled with the mysterious night bringing with it the coolness and the sensual ecstasy. he smiled which sent a deep geyser shoot up from the deep pits of my stomach . fingers interlinked, he gazed deeply into my eyes looking for some encouragement and some incentives. i sensed the paradigm shift from the gazing sun to the pleasantness of the night. the land had cooled down and the lights lit the city jubiliantly. standing on the twentieth flow, i was wrapped up in a gentle blanket of the night breeze blowing from the distant sea.a teasing smile lit my face which provided him ample encouragement to carry the show forward. he stood up, making me look up in admiration at the sheer power of height and the broad framework. a shiver of anticipation and delight ran up my spine. he led me in gently. the night has just begun...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mba jargon

few mundane facts came and hit me on the face. reason- two months into a B-school...few taken for granted things have become luxury goods...
  1. seeing my colgate active salt toothpaste sends the colgate-palmolive's positioning and targeting strategies flying in my mind.
  2. i just happened to fiddle with my strawberry lip balm and the artistic U of HUL came in my sight. a wave of their lifebuoy campaign for the rural India touched my shore of thought.
  3. wrhen i saw the latest aircel advertisement, for once i thougt beyond surya and jothika.. i noticed whom they are appealing to and what regional connotations are present in the two minute ad which ranges from paniyaram( a south indian delicacy) to the posh setting of the house. the context of jothika being a house wife with a gal kid was brought forward well to connect the real and reel life..
  4. magazines have started having a new meaning to them.. they have extended their horizon, moving beyond the filmfares and the stardusts.. now they mean business india,pitch,forbes
  5. the gossip column has given way to the bull-dozing of the economic times..
  6. ACs, sofa,four poster beds have become luxury goods which has put me in a different socio-economic class altogether.
  7. seeing the dawn has become an accepted fact. good news- i am able to contact my US cousins and friends a lot easier.. there is no time difference..
  8. a visit to the super market makes me think about the supply chain difficulties and the farm procurement of the firm
  9. a cream biscuit triggers a train of thoughts about the points of parity and points of difference of the particular brand and which segment are they focussing on
  10. previously people used to call me jus observant and finicky about details, i redefine it as "brand awareness" and call myself an" intelligent customer" :P