Friday, October 22, 2010


I was never a believer of all the talks which happen on surrounding yourself with positive energy, positive thoughts, dont think negatively, blah late, i feel it might be true...consider the situation in my undergrad...i was forever flunking in most of the interim exams only to have a blemish free final university examinations..i did get my first class with distinction finally...between the bouts of flunking, i never ever thought that i will ever flunk in my this classified as a positive thought? may be, i am not too sure...coming to my post grad studies, its just the reversal..never did i think that i will pass..and sometimes it did happen that i, this is a case of concern..named as a forever worrier and a pessimistic, i am not too glad about this title as never ever have i had the experience of being so...trying my level best, i am. but in vain...still i wish i could turn back time...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wish list 2011

Here are few of the places where i wanna go next year by hook or crook...
1. Machu picchu - Inca civilization
2. Venice - gondola rides
3. Scotland- Gerrard + PS i love you hang over
4. Ladakh - pristine beauty
5. Goa - beaches and mmmm sexy clothes
6. Singapore- nearest foreign destination worth the money
7. New Zealand - awesome locale
8. Egypt - towering pyramids and the sands
9. the western ghats- forests,waterfalls,winding roads,beaches
10.Paris- of love!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The ugly truth

This is one of the movies which i keep returning to whenever i need a good laugh.Humor, romance, sexy actor..its got it all..i never have the habit of watching the entire movie the second time(without fast forwarding)barring KKHH.The funny thing is that this is the first english movie which i have seen roughly 5 times 5 times, i mean watching the entire movie right through the bloopers...amazing chemistry between the lead pair.the dialogs are damn funny and the wicked look on Gerrard's face is worth a million...altogether, a nice movie with 2 good soundtracks...i love it :)
Fav lines
1. i like woman on top *wink
2. you will never know (LOL)
3. god too many to mention here!
ps: this is not a movie review. i saw it recently. so i thought i should share my thoughts on this flick...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

S.H.I.T. happens

one lesson which i learnt the hard way is not to trust people that easily. the problem is that i know i am not supposed to trust them easily and each and every time, i make an exception to the rule saying no ways it cannot be this person who will be mean to me. here comes my foolishness in thinking that world is either black or white,neglecting the deepness of the shades of gray which suppresses my each and every move to rise to the top. The makers of the resident evil probably got inspired by the B school life. Each and every one trying to push the other to the source of human blood.Last week went in me cribbing that my life is so boring that i want something to happen in my life. nothing good happens. never. it is always an unwanted complication which occurs to give me some unwanted anxiety and many times should i try to put on my thinking, witch cap to out beat the other person, only to figure out that they have already reached the next stage by the time i had finished my thinking i slow? i dont have an answer to that. Am i that good that i am not able to think craftily? i doubt that too. what am i.always caught between good and bad, emotional and practical feelings, emotive and stone faced, beautiful and ugly looking,"good person" and "bitch" i calculative or do i just analyze too much of the situations which leads me nowhere.neither do i use the analysis in achieving my dreams nor do i have the peace of mind acquired due to lack of excess mental,unproductive mental i insensitive to people's problems or am i just protecting myself against a let down by the other i having too much of expectation from the other person or am i justified in being non committal to them....i dont have an answer to any of these.people advise me to go with the flow. the problem is in identifying which is the right flow..pessimistic view of the placements, rosy caricature of the does not stop with the placements. everything in life is a fight...its not that i am against fighting..i have had my share of those.. it is just that i hate fighting in an uneven terrain where i dont know the cause of the is the same feeling which you get when your own sword turns against you and the pain sears through you..unable to find the spot of origin nor able to find the spot of termination... life sucks...

Monday, October 4, 2010

blissful actions

1. walking barefoot on the grass which has overnight dew on it.
2. going out at 12 midnight for a Rs 5 ice cream
3. watching the sun rise in the beach,the sight of the waves crashing at the shore with a mild breeze playing with your hair
4. drinking a cup of hot chocolate on a chilling winter morning,looking out of the window at the encompassing white mist
5. riding a 220 cc pulsar on the ecr,complete with a leather jacket and the bowel shaking moment when you see the speedometer touch 100
6. waking up in a hill station,finding your cheeks to be so cold and face has never looked so fresh and energetic
7.waiting at the signal, the minute the signal turns green,rising the accelerator and rushing past others to lead the race.
8.waking up on a Monday morning realizing that its off today. truly blissful!