Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LIfe is a game

i look at either side of the alley, with my rifle ready, for any other human form.my extra sensory ears are working at
their peak performance rate, listening to any sounds coming from any direction in the fort.i am an amateur in this game
and hence, pretty apprehensive about the rules and the know how of the game.i proceed further down with the same caution
my long time friend calls out to me, making me halt and raise my rifle in caution. he approaches and gives an idea that
"lets take the enemies down together". united we stand. i listen to his idea and think yeah, i do trust him.
it makes more sense. lets do it together. so together, we move on the unknown path leading us through the pits of danger, whirpool of
emotions ranging from fear, anxiety to jubiliance to the final stage of victory. i take care of the ammunition part
of aimless firing at all the directions, just looking enough to ensure that someone has fallen down. brainy tactics,
i have always lacked.covering my various achilles heels, i have always done.

He takes care of analysing the route to be taken from the parched map of this old fort which we carried in our jacket.
he loudly thinks over the strategy which we should opt for. how many enemies are we likely to encounter in which all
paths, would the terrain be rough for us to compete effectively, would the same factor hamper other people from taking
the same path,how would we take the enemies down, will it be simply by firing, or do we have to throw our limited supply
of explosives.so yeah, with every possible issue covered by the two of us, yeah mostly by him, we marched forward in
the most congested and the most difficult path of all. high risks, high gains. that was our motto.one, two, we take them
by surprise and clever manipulation.
blood, gory scenes, bodies flung on either side of our route,i try to turn my heart into a stone.i feel the
deep sense of anguish and start to question the cause for our actions. is it necessary? cant we do without it? he tries
to convince me that it is necessary for the survival of the fittest. we need to fight it out and that i need to be
grateful to have more information and the deep forethought of my partner which many others lack.grateful i am,questioning
the outcome i did.
during the course of our journey, there was a general shift of our well defined responsibilities. i started helping him
in charting out our path and redefining our objectives.my rusted brain, started shining vibrantly, bringing forth all the
vicious and manipulative ideas which we decorated and presented to the world as effective strategy for moving forward.

we finally reached the top of the fort after a gruelling climb, both physically and emotionally.i for one was jubilliant.
we made it to the top. 100 metres away lay the goal post which would soon declare us to be the winners.almost everyone
whom we knew had been taken down in our rise to the top. obsessed with the goal, we were.with these thoughts, i looked
at my side to give a jubiliant smile to my long standing partner who had helped me so much. there was just pure air and
the scenery from the top beyond.the reality struck deep inside me.a mix of a figment of my own imagination and the angel
whom i had trusted had brought me to where i was. shocked, i decided to finish the game started by me by moving forward
to collect my trophy near the goal post.as i was moving ahead, a shot of sharp pain cruised my veins from my leg. it was
excruciable. i started stumbling while another shot of pain danced its way through my spinal cord. i turned back in vain.
i saw her smiling face while i fell down, helplessly 10 metres away from the goal post.