Friday, March 28, 2008

ten things which i am hoping to accomplish

here goes the list...
1) first and foremost , clean my room.. i have been hoping to achieve this for the past one year and i feel takin up CAT is easier!
2) attending the classes regularly and importantly,listening to the lecturer and taking notes( no messaging and writing obsi)
3) take care of my mobile and not drop it often... seriously, 6630 rocks!! non-breakable
4)start studying for the sem which is jus round the corner.
5) have a cordial relationship with everybody in class(hopeless after three futile years)
6) control my temper and not fly off the handel at the slightest provocation
7) MILk... i should somehow start drinking milk as i am pretty scared of osteoporosis now :(
8)somehow get hold of first day first show tickets for varnam-aayiram or ayan whichever is first to hit the screen ... after all, surya is more important...
9)reduce my shopping expenditure and somehow convince myself to think that i have enough clothes to wear, enough slippers, enough handbags.......
10)grrr.. i cant think of any tenth thing for accomplishing... should i change the title??

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dont hit me!!

after a short holiday for three months, i am glad to announce that i have resumed blogging once again .... i realised that its time to resume my once upon a time fav' pass time .. right now, i feel my life is infested with records of all kind that i get dreams about A4 sheets and spiral bound records!! my sem exams are round the corner and i havent yet bought half the books.. after seeing the farewell party of the current fourth years, i am yet again caught in the deja vu of being a third year.. i dont wanna go to fourth year!!! it jus seems like yesterday when i joined this college and burst out into tears.. yeah, the same august 24,2005!!to think, three years have passed by in the blink of an eyelid. god!! i miss those first year days!! life is really funny or is it jus me? i am forever in the want of something higher in life at the cost of my age. i am at a loss for words right now... it feels like this is my first post... wanting to write loads but not being able to pen down the thoughtts effectively... and i would like to dedicate this blog to muthu for insulting me enough to make me come here and put up another post. hurray!!!