Monday, July 11, 2011

Cutting chai :)

One of the best and cheap ways to fill your stomach in Mumbai is having vada pav and a cup of cutting chai :)...this definitely fills up your stomach and doesnt empty ur wallet...i just love the taste of chai in the glasses...i know those are dirty...i know they probably contain more bacteria, virus than anything else...probably the unique taste comes from these...whats the point of safe guarding your body against all these bacteria anyways?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the maddening crowd- Part 1

Mumbai sounded soo promising on paper since the day i got my offer city, new life...adventures, thrill of exploring the much famed city, the need to test the elasticity of the city in terms of the "safe"tag it has acquired over the years fr short, so much to do and so much to see..
my experience in the city is just more than a month old..nothing really spectacular...mumbai has this knack of apparently growing on people rather than impressing them thing i like and despise in this city is the energy of people..people here are soo full of energy, making me wonder about my own levels...i had the opportunity to sit in the CST station for over an hour just observing people...people were running helter and skelter...morning rush over, you cant expect anything better...the situation is not much different in the evening...same energy, greater speed,same overwhelming crowd...
the reason why i despise it- well, i just cant seem to be find the reason to run or even walk briskly in this maddening crowd anywhere...why? i dont know...well, i too have a job...i too have fixed timing...i dont know whats missing..