Tuesday, July 14, 2009


when a person walks out on you or is no longer part of your life, you feel an emptiness compassing you.things which you took granted for have been taken away from you.your mind asks you few tricky questions like do you really miss that individual as a person or just for familiarity sake? have you got so used to the person that you are scared to venture out and look beyond .is it that the sun sets and rises on that person that the others are forever caught in the shadows.do the shadows at times grow larger than the person and we fail to realise the intensity of the situation.is the compatibility or the closeness which one felt and associated himself/herself with disappear over night.the truth is its none of these. you know the truth and your mind is trying to cast a shadow over what the heart says which invariably is true. crafty it is in convincing or creating problems out of simply issues that finally, at the end of the day, only the problems stay and not the heart. you start looking at things from a different perspective at a distance and like people normally say-close people always fight and have misunderstandings because they are so close to see the normalities.crying and bringing the roof down doesnt work..its either black or white. there is no space for shades of gray. only when you lose something, will you really realise how much you loved it when it was present. how much it meant to you and how much of your peace was dependent on it.

PS: the whole write up is about my fastrack watch :P