Thursday, November 19, 2009

ups and downs

It joins you in your joy but not when you are sad.

It is always like that and you have to accept it,

Or your life like a useless candle will never be lit.

When I look into the pages of my past again,

I know it has always been the cause of my pain.

In my sadness it made me just sadder,

And it pretended to be my success ladder.

It is to be blamed for what I am today,

I am today called mad and kept away.

As a play toy I was tossed and turned in the hands of fate,

At the same time experiencing both love and hate.

And when it came to naming my misery,

People called it a mere game of destiny.

I was told to live with what I had,

Even if my condition was pathetic and bad

I was left to myself all alone,

Out from the society I was thrown.

Like an unlucky animal or some filthy creature,

In front of me I could see my uncertain future.

I then realized that there was no use crying,

No one would look up even if I was dying.

So I revolted; but the world proved me mad,

It was then I concluded that the world was bad.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

achille's heel

every morning is yet another morning. every hurried bite of hard bread with the cheapest butter constitutes yet another breakfast. never ending classes which are enough to send anyone crazy and mad happen everyday. this monotony brings in a quest for something more, something which will offset everything else faced till now, something without which you can go through this mundane life,something which is ever blooming amidst dark scenario,something without which you can not live...even if this " something" exists for a very short duration, it is worth the wait...