Monday, February 8, 2010

perfect evening!

i sat on the chair, in my fourth floor balcony looking out at the tall buildings doting the skyline and the forest stretching out its wide limbs on the other side.there was a slight drizzle dropping down from an overcast sky. dark clouds loomed huge and threatened to come down heavily in few hours.a wave of cool and refreshing breeze hit my face, taking me to a far away world, free from stress and worry. looking up at the skies, the greyness brought about a contented smile on my face. the winter would now extend itself for one more week. i bit into the hot bread pakoda and relished the crispy bread teasing my taste buds. lost in the world of savoring a delicacy and solitude, i close my eyes wishing for a comforting pair of arms to encircle me...

Monday, February 1, 2010

downs and... more downs

one thing which i learnt well in the recent past is that i hate being consoled with cliches like there is always a second time or life will get better over time... i have also decided in the future if at all someone feels bad about themselves, i would rather feed them practical inputs than boring them with these one liners.. everybody knows if something dreadful has happened that it is indeed dreadful. why do people still console as if nothing actually happened? would they buy this story if they had been at the receiving end?? i feel life is really testing my enduring capabilities.. one step which i keep forward is being rewarded with two steps backward.. how long will this go on till i stop walking?