Wednesday, June 24, 2009

back to school!!!

business school!! what is a fresher with no hands on experience about the big,bad wolf doing here? no clue...nice..yes...intellectual..hmmm, much that it sometimes goes above my head... i thought of changing my stream from engineering to management cause being an engineer dint seem to give me any authority to take decisions or implement my views..after attending few hr sessions, i feel its the same bakwaas.. interaction,networking,blah,blah(no offence).. what are we tryin to achieve from a manager? why are we trying to cast everyone in the same mould??be diplomatic,socialise,accept other's decision,open yur the whole process, i jus feel we lose contact with what we are down at heart.. for some people like me,its fine.. i do talk to a lot of people but couple of my friends find it weird to introduce and strike up a conversation jus for the ehck of it.. the best comedy is the hr people emphasising on their subjects being the key to success and the marketnng guru cuming up with innovative abuses to insult them for doing nothing other than talking...i am not biased agianst that race.. i am again caught between them... when in maths class,seeing probability... i feel i am more of a talking person like hr...hee.. when caught in an hr session,when i see the prof bring up a fake laugh and pretend to be so amiable(mayb she actually is but i always get this feeling hrs r nt to be taken for face value),i feel i am more of this brainy female... yet to decide what i am...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

romantic treat!

the last sunday was the best sunday i have had in the recent was a typical lazy day..enough food at disposal and a very comfortable sofa to lounge in and three movies back to back on the tv.. ddlj(dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge),kkhh(kuch kuch hota hai) and knph(kaho na pyaar hai)... they made my day.. nothing to beat shah rukh and his chemistry with kajol.. man, they rock!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


the situation seemed to get out of hand.. it encompassed all the tumultous feeelings any human being could have possibly felt in his life.a deep sense of anguish set in the pits of my stomach.. a situation, a scene which i dreaded the most seemed to be unfolding its deep,crumpled layers right in front of me.. a premonition which started killing the spirit in me before the actual happening... i started feeling claustrophobic.. the obstinate mule in me started kicking and fighting with the setting resentment and self-pity.. its beautiful lock of hair seemed to be jubiliant .. torn between the internal bleeding and external fighting, i stood watching,mesmerised and with reflexes frozen..the brain tried to protect the mule from getting hurt as the external forces tried to wash away the resentment,outwardly looking as a pacification mechanism but modelled as a trojan horse for growing fear and misery... the wave was black in color with deep yellow and red did make a presence by riding the crescendo and nullifying the foreboding nature of black.. white was the color which was scarce in the engulfing nightmare.the mule, brave the animal it was couldnt withstand the initial onslaught and staggered on its four strong but trembling legs.. the water reached its hooves..they were stuck to the ground unable to shake the reality and by this time, the water level increased by a foot.. it looked around for some help... everything seemed to be shrouded with darkness and an evil atmosphere seemed to have set the middle of the darkness, a trembling and feeble light seemed to exist at a distance.. it focussed on that light, the saviour of the troubled and helpless..the more and more it saw the light, it seemed to grow bigger and brighter by sight.. waves left unnoticed, the mule was enamoured by the light and it felt a rush of adrenalin in its body.. a sense of power which had deserted it earlier seemed to have come home.. a tiny euphoric feeling passed through it body and with much renewed vigour, it kicked its legs, no longer stuck to the ground.. it started running..its only goal was to find the source of light.. galloping it did.. the more it moved closer to the light,its appearance got transformed.. in the place of a dark mule, was a shining aristocratic unicorn..the character and the purpose neither faltered no disappeared..the light started changing its form..a minute before it looked as majestic as the sun..with the blink of an eye, it was replaced by the cool and complacent attitude trade-mark of the moon.. whatever was the source, the black wave finally seemed to receed and soon became bottled up like a pandora's box.. full of miseries and sufferings bottled up waiting for its next turn..the unicorn suddenly became confused.. it was far away from its mark and the light suddenly seemed like a mirage,an oasis in the desert but only difference was the desert was huge and vast.. it stood royally in the middle looking at all directions for the oasis seemed to have disappeared.. it waited for it to re-appear patiently at first with growing signs of fear.. the fear of the known was unknown to stood waiting for some familiar surroundings and it is waiting...