Thursday, September 22, 2011

the inevitable

funny are the ways how the news of global economies, recession or down fall has a proportional effect in your personal life. with every rs depreciating, the amount of screaming which i get increases as i could have chosen to study abroad and not do charity in India...whenever rupee appreciates, i get to use my honed skills by using all the jargon so that i successfully shut the opponent's mouth...this has become a periodic cycle nowadays with the weak global the midst of this confusion, rises personal confusion and introspection cycle to make sure or convince urself tat watever u did was for the good of urself.Adding to this multi-ingredient soup, is the half baked opinions of my closest half baked friends( those who have managed to stick to me after innumerous incidents, etc ). And of course, how can i forget my own over time working brain? sometimes i just wish i can unplug my brain for sometime.

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Pramod Kannan said...

instead you could have not come up with such post only.. :P
un kitta ore clarification panavadidu irruke.. not here, you will damage me badly.. so on to mail.. safer place.. ;)