Monday, January 30, 2012

Life in Mumbai

Everyday on my way to the office, i encounter people from different facets of life.the pavement breakfast vendor who gives a short story on how each of his item is prepared hygienically( all the while scratching his legs, hands, some not mentionable), the middle aged lady at the bus stop who constantly carries out a mild banter about everything under the sun with her bus mate, the school kids who are having a chat about the latest cartoon being aired, so on and so forth... one common thread which connects all of them is their zest for enjoying yet another matter how troubles or difficulties create hurdles, they all want to continue with their habitual routine with the same energy, same curiosity...people in mumbai are known for their speed or what i call it in the morning or midnight, people are always running for their life...their walking speed,the determined look in their faces makes me marvel on how on earth do they have soo much of energy..without doing anything worthwhile in life, i am left so tired at the end of the day...the good thing is after seeing them, a ray of energy seers through me, helping me take handle the hardships, keeping a smile on my face..


Pramod Kannan said...

Thats life Nivya, thats life. Where ever you go around the world ppl are like that. Only difference, out side india like UK and US people start boozing from Friday till Saturday night to release their stress and get back to work with full energy from Monday.
Anyway, good at least you keep your beautiful smile on your face everyday.. :-)

Anonymous said...

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